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Monday, 4 March 2019

Motorola Moto G XT1033 Falcon Stock Firmware File Download

Download Motorola_Moto_G_XT1033_RETAIL-BR-DS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_38_CID12_4.4.4 Stock Firmware (ROM)

File Name: Motorola_Moto_G_XT1033_RETAIL-BR-DS_4.4.4_KXB21.14-L1.40_38_CID12_4.4.4
File Size: 485 MB
File Type: Archive (.ZIP)

Download Motorola_Moto_G_XT1033_FALCON-TIM-BR-DS_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_31_CID12_5.0.2 Stock Firmware (ROM)

File Name: Motorola_Moto_G_XT1033_FALCON-TIM-BR-DS_5.0.2_LXB22.46-32_31_CID12_5.0.2
File Size: 561 MB
File Type: Archive (.ZIP)

Download Motorola_Moto_G_XT1033_FALCON_TIMBR_DS_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_CID12_5.1 Stock Firmware (ROM)

File Name: Motorola_Moto_G_XT1033_FALCON_TIMBR_DS_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_CID12_5.1
File Size: 557 MB
File Type: Archive (.ZIP)

Download Motorola_Moto_G_XT1033_Falcon_ASIA_DS_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_CID7_CFC Stock Firmware (ROM)

File Name: Motorola_Moto_G_XT1033_Falcon_ASIA_DS_5.1_LPBS23.13-56-2_CID7_CFC
File Size: 552 MB
File Type: Archive (.ZIP)

How to Flash:

Step 1: Download and Extract the Device Firmware on your PC / Computer.
Step 2 : When done Extracting, you will be able to get the Device Firmware (ROM) File, Flash Tool & Driver.
Step 3 : You First Install the provided USB Driver in your Computer if already have, IGNORE this step.
Step 4 : Follow the below link How to Flash the Firmware on your Device.

Follow Detailed Procedure

Readme First:

[#] Device Backup : If you are going to flash on your Device, then take a backup of everything because your personal data will be removed after flashing the firmware (ROM).
[#] The firmware helps you to recovery your device, software error, update error,Lock issue,Stop working, hanging and dead issue.

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